Where was I last night?

I was getting my ass kicked by these guys –

Dressing up in rubber suits and latex for a living is one thought most extravagant. To consider that this group has been doing it for about twenty-five years is wonderful. Perhaps we can view GWAR as an example of the different attitudes of horror, especially in today’s market. Sometimes, a horror movie needs to get down to the base essentials of the genre: over-the-top gore, a plotline that is as much an appeal to your blood thirst as it is to your pleasure centers, and an underlying sense of ‘this is fucking ridiculous but I love it anyway.’

Good showing. Tons of blood. Had a blast. Got brutally mutilated. Wish you were here.

The weekend will be spent boning up on material for next week, something I’d like to call ‘Blood of my Fathers.” A little tribute to those who made Halloween today what it was (or at least, a week’s worth of posts of older spookshow masters so I don’t write more about surf and post youtube videos at the last moment.)

Also, the Front Office is looking for opinions. It’s debating where the Local stands on the new Elvira.

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