Somewhere a man named Williams is screaming…

It’s rare to get an in-depth look at the making of a bad movie. You might occasionally find a honest director’s commentary on a bad movie’s DVD release, but you’ll have to search through the untold number of denials and blamefests that tend to appear in commentaries for such films. Even when one is found, the commentor’s desire to keep the conversation from straying from what’s seen onscreen can limit the amount of time spent on a particular subject. That’s why the Bad Move Report’s “Making a Bad Movie” section is such a treasure.

In it, b-movie reviewer Dr. Freex (aka Freeman Williams) discusses how his interesting Lovecraftian tale “Nightcrawlers” slowly but surely mutated into the much-derided movie, Forever Evil. The good doctor details the project’s growth from a simple idea to the troubled filming (along with the film’s legacy) over the course of eighteen segments. Said segments come complete with behind-the-scenes pictures and comparisons of the original script to what made it onscreen. Although I know that the DVD release of Forever Evil. has a commentary track, I can’t imagine that it has the same impact as the website. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

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