H.P. Brickcraft

Thanks to many childhood experiences of making original characters (and monsters) with Legos, I have a great appreciation for people who figure out creative ways to make things with those nifty little plastic bricks. So you can imagine my reaction to EvilJester1214’s Lego/Lovecraft ad parody:


I tried searching for any Cthulhu Lego how-tos, but found something even better: a massive Lego diorama depicting explorers tangling with a variety of Lovecraftian monsters.

I was, however, baffled and a bit annoyed by the random insertion of Doctor Who characters into the mix. I did some further research into the matter and found that there were a few Doctor Who novels featuring Cthulhu Mythos references. Although I’m less confused now, I’m still a bit annoyed by the Doctor’s appearance. It’s more than a little goofy to me that all-powerful alien “gods” can get beat up by some guy in a time machine. After all, much of the horror from Lovecraft’s stories stems from how the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods can’t be defeated. Also, wouldn’t a being capable of defeating Cthulhu & co. take their place among the races that worshiped them? Frenzied chants to a man who lives in a mysterious blue box just wouldn’t have the same “umph” that stuff like “…those grinning caverns of earth’s centre where Nyarlathotep, the mad faceless god, howls blindly to the piping of two amorphous idiot flute-players” has.

Even if you disagree with me on the above, I’m sure we all can agree on this: Lovecraft’s mind would be blown if he ever found out people were recreating things from his horror stories using kids’ toys.

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