Benediction (of sorts)

Here at GdL16, we are thoroughly against bootlegging, specifically the bootlegging that some companies do when they make reproductions of movies without getting the proper legal right to do so.

But, with that said, I just downloaded an mp3 of a “Weird” Al Yankovic demo that was clearly recorded from an episode of the Dr. Demento show nearly thirty years ago. And the hiss, static and evident sound that someone recorded this on a cassette deck has brought back the sensation of when I used to do the same thing. Just teenage and the radio held all that promise. I had a shoebox full of mix-tapes, actual mix-tapes with songs I had caught off the radio. Wild sounds. Amazing things, these wild songs of radio that could be captured with the press of a few plastic buttons on a very low-end stereo. Promise, though. Each of these cassettes held so much magic.

There’s something to be said of the times lost, mainly that it’s never really lost. There will always be a way to go back. Death is never the ending, perhaps could be theme of this post. Someone will always be able to upload an experience you thought you would never find again, out there for you to easily download in the early hours of a new morning.

Happy Sunday. Happy Digging.

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