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[Etsy.com’s tagline is “Buy, Sell, and Live Handmade.” Coincidentally, there’s a lot of spooky on Etsy, and each Tuesday, we highlight one of the sellers. If you’re looking to spruce up your look, redecorate your tomb or get a gift for that special something in your afterlife, Etsy.com is a place for spooky econo.]

You can’t pin down Tara Fortin of blacklilypie. And we don’t mean with thumbtacks. Not for lack of trying, we suppose. Thumbtacks wouldn’t do it. Neither staples, velcro or industrial strength adhesive could do the trick. Kind of ventures into nailgun territory, and then you have to rent an air-compressor and then lug it around. And Tara’s mobile all the while, so it’s not easy. Plausible, yeah. Maybe if you snuck up on her and we really don’t advise that. Not if you want to get any of the fanstatic goods offered by blacklillypie. The direct approach is best.

Variety! Spice of life and blacklilypie might as well be your Indian grocer peddling a peppergrinder because blacklilypie has a a lot to offer. It’s been a while since we showcased some art here on the Tuesday uEtsy Spotlight so we’re glad to return to form with some nice pieces. Take a gander at this death rock lady and ask yourself “does she exisit? Do I know her? Is she single?” Granted, you might not be lucky enough to have a physical representation of all things rocking and spooky but the closest thing you could (legally) get is this wonderful picture hanging on your wall.

Leisurely looking back against your seat, admiring the portrait of someone you wish you could take to see ‘Revenge of the Living Dead’ at the Alejandro Drive-In, your back might ache as your strange, two-dimensional-attracted-to heart. Why not sooth the physical with this fantastic pillow set – Pink skull, seperate cross bones, all comfy.

You have art, you have pillows, you have artful buttons you can put on that pillow. Look at that picture of that back cat. Those eyes looking up at you as you wear that pin while working at your office desk or on the mandated red-cotton/poly blend polo your gas station manager has issued to you, hell. Black cats are bad luck if they cross your path but wear them on your lapel and you are ultra lucky. maybe you won’t get robbed that night? Maybe you won’t get fired from your job? Maybe you will! Make your own luck with this Gothic Girl pin set from blacklilypie.

When you peruse blacklillypie’s store, you’ll ntice the happy picture of the company mascot and new-found guru for this modern economic client, Batcat. It’s really ingenious of Tara Fortin to cross two wonderful things – a bat, a cat – to make something that in itself is greater than both. We saw Hector try to do the same, one time, by making a sandwich meat out of three different types of jerkey; all that made was for a quick trip to the hospital. We’re lucky to say that Hector survived the stomach pumping but receiving the bill gave the poor boy a stroke.  Thankfully, he recovered his motor skills (and mercifully, not his culinary spirit) through the use of art therapy. It really was a bummer that all he knew for art was the bathrool stall grafitti, though he’s now the county’s Poet Lauriet, albeit his medium is mainly dirty lymricks detailing the daily news of the town. Had he this color book, ‘A Day with Batcat,’ the incredible artwork might have turned Hector into a backwoods Monet. But don’t let his condition defer you from making the right choice. Unleash your inner artist with this coloring adventure.

blacklilypie offers matted and unmatted prints, making it easier for you to display, frame and impress other people with their delicious selection of artwork. It shows class and nothing could be truer than seeing this piece of blood and ink on your wall. Taking a look at this print makes us really appreciate the linework, in both the eyes and the lips. It’s a simple and elegent design, woring with darkness to create something both subtle and powerful. The touch of red comes after the blackness draws you in, or so we’re told by Professor Holloway from the university. We don’t know for sure what exactly all that means except that the picture is pretty and that it’s something you should buy.

We really do like Ms. Fortin’s artwork. There’s something about the use of color and a good control of lines that makes for a great blend. Like wildness and restraint. Something like that, we suppose. Look, this is a great picture of a girl wearing a white bow over what we can only assume is a vampire bite. How great is that?

You’ll find a lot of things at blacklilypie. Bookmarks, sculptures, pillows, pins and artwork. It’s a great place that you should check out, along with the blog and blacklilypie’s twitter feed. Go and make yourself happy by adding a little variety to your life. And make us happy by coming back next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.

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