Our apologies for not getting back to to get listed in the directory for the 2010 Countdown to Halloween. Paperwork has kept us from making the right connections. Luckily, many others have signed up to the Countdown and here are a few you should check out.

Weird Hollow highlights Stan Lee’s Monsters To Laugh With, showing that Stan The Man went to Horrow Land.

13 Visions is too good to just locate one post. You’ll find a lot of spooky images there to turn your day creepy.

Things That Don’t Suck revisits one of John Carpenter’s more biting commentaries and iconic violent scenes.

Always check out Skull A Day.

Don’t forget to see Slash the Zombie as well.

Spooky Little Girl talks about Jack White, Night of the Living Dead and Elvira.

Meanwhile, Strange Kids Club proves to be a great place for just about anything you might possibly like if you’re reading a site like ours.

And we’ll cap it off with Terror Titans writing up of all things Bela.

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