A Handful of Dirt: Sam Gambino

A Handful of DirtA Handful of Dirt asks a person five questions they wouldn’t normally expect or receive in any other credible interview.


In consulting the Serendipiter Bag o’InquiryTM, we pose a series of questions to come up with a bit of knowledge unknown before – a handful of dirt.



The artwork of Sam Gambino has appeared on multiple album covers and at event posters. His artwork captures the wild imagination of the golden age of horror, sci-fi and kustom kulture. Looking at his gallery is like listening to a bad-ass garage rock album with your eyes. Find his main site here.



Which wild animal would you want to have as a domesticated pet?
Julie Newmar, circa 1966.  That Catwoman suit fit her like a glove.

As an adult, what is your favorite Halloween costume that you saw someone else wear?
Phil Spector’s courtroom hair.

Was there ever a project that consumed your waking hours, almost possessing you until it was finished?
This happens quite often.  It’s called a Three Stooges marathon.

If you were to join the Coney Island Sideshow as a featured performer, what would you want as your talent?
I would be the bearded, tattoo-less man who is able to eat two coney dogs in one sitting while standing.

What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you at a Convention or specifically themed gathering?
I can’t recall anything happening at a Convention, but I was kicked out of a Sears and Roebuck once.

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