Tuesday uEtsy: Andrea Kett

Tuesday uEtsy

Andrea Kett

Glamour Ghouls A Go-Go 5×7 handmade glittery greetings card

Miranda Rites runs the Calavera Cabaret in town. The grand Dame is doing her best to resurrect the golden age of glamour, which seems to have a strong following. The monthly showcases draw a packed house, especially on her birthday show.

“It’s another year gone from live, kitten,” says Miranda, using one of her many affections. “We must celebrate or its passing is in vain.”

Curated by Miranda, who dons the nom de plume Her Last Rites, these birthday celebrations are dry runs for the Halloween Spectacular which, considering the town, is the the most important show following the birthday bash.

Miranda has come around Quiet Side, looking for inspiration regarding set pieces and some costumes for the burlesque dancers, acrobats and whatever performers that Miranda calls ‘her girls.’

“Ghouls,” she corrected Young Gus during a research visit for last year’s birthday party. “They’re nice girls every other day of the year, precious. But tonight, they’re ghouls.”

Call them what you will, these ladies look very similar to the artwork of this week’s Tuesday uEtsy, the artist Andrea Kett, whose store claims for “superior smut” but is more in tune to the revival of burlesque.

Magenta Lovelace A4 8x12inch hand glittered print

Kett’s art style and color choice gives her work an unearthly tone that works with her line style. Miss Magenta Lovelace here looks completely natural with those two extra sets of limbs. The hair and clothing harkens to the pin-up aesthetics that connect all of Kett’s artwork. The work has a general ‘class’ about it, which is what we think would appeal to Miranda’s tastes.

Fruit Bat 8x12inch hand glittered print

Kett’s ladies definitely have a Vampira waistline, which is shown here in the ‘Fruit Bat’ print. Miranda’s ‘ghouls’ come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Though, for these birthday and Halloween shows, much like the lady in this portrait, they all dress in black.

“It goes with everything,” explained Miranda, once. “And so do I!”

Lights Witch 5×7 handmade glittery greetings card

We think that Andrea and Miranda would get along well, as they both have the same sense of humor and wordplay. Plus, we also think we saw this Lights Witch at the 2004 Halloween Show. It’s fantastic. ¬†We tried to show it to Miranda but there was a sound that was either an expression of love or her calling her lawyers. We can’t be sure.

Upper Crust 8x12inch hand glittered print

Speaking of class and wordplay, this ‘Upper Crust’ portrait combines both Kett’s lovely sense of style, teasing wordplay and crisp lines into a single piece.

“What I like,” said Miranda when we showed it to her, “is how the two gentlemen without masks have a vaguely androgynous look to them. I do love a man in a tux but even more if it’s a woman.”

Perhaps. But that’s the opinion of a biased performer. Take it with a grain of salt.

“Gran Assault would be a wonderful name if we ever were to tour the agricultural belt,” commented Miranda. “Such grand thinking!”

Siouxie Choux 6×8 inch hand glittered print

Miranda says that a performer will wear the name Siouxie Choux for the Halloween show, since she can’t get the right materials for an adequate costume. You don’t have to wait three months. All you have to do is order this print and have it delivered to you. You can display the inspiration from the classic spooky rock goddess and grow your anticipation for the Halloween Spectacular.

Anticipation be damned – go over to Andrea Kett’s store and pick up a lot of her prints. Some are less safe for work than others but you’ll be able to find them easily. And find yourself here next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.


    • Carolbradwell on August 23, 2014 at 9:05 am
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    Can you buy theses cards on line?

    1. Yep. Go over to https://www.etsy.com/shop/andreakett and you can browse her store.

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