Tuesday uEtsy: Weird Scenes

Tuesday uEtsy

Weird Scenes

Retro Pistols Ladies Grey Tshirt S M XL

Recently, we got a chance to see Loretta and her husband, Bernie, when the whole Freakshow family came out to a Local barbeque. About seven and half-months pregnant, Loretta is looking well. She says that their doctor says it’s going well.

Poinsettia says she’s a bit excited but we can see how her mind is more focuses on the dwindling summer days as the start of the new school year looms on the horizon. Along with Bella Muerte, Poinsettia will have to go shopping for new supplies and possibly pick up some clothing along the way.

Thinking that we know the growing girl has tastes that aren’t satiated by trips to the mall anymore, we recommend  Weird Scenes, the feature of this week’s Tuesday uEtsy.


Padlock Shoe Print Ladies Green Tshirt S M L XL

With a wide range of clothing with many styles and printing, Weird Scenes has a distinctive sense of danger running through each design. This Padlock shoe is a particularly remarkable example of that, since it’s not clear if who the padlock is meant to ward off – the woman wearing the shoe from removing it or possibly preventing anyone chasing after the nicely calf pictured here from unlocking a great bit of sexy darkness.


Strawberry Lips Black Ladies Vest Top S M L

This vest top here demonstrates both proper nutrition and the double, if not triple, entendres that exist with the application of fruit. Though most research indicates that the forbidden fruit of Biblical lore was not an apple but a pomegranate, we have to say that strawberries are quite dangerous. Some of us are allergic.


Smoking Gun Mens Black Tshirt M L XL XXL XXXL

There is a selection available for men as well when shopping Weird Scenes. This smoking gun printed shirt shows that not only can firearms hold an immediate threat, the secondary effects of the smoke could lead to prolonged health complications later on in life. Smoking. It kills.


Tentacle Attack Mens Black Tshirt M L XL XXL XXXL

Of course, there’s always tentacles. Perhaps cephalopods need to organize a PR campaign that educates the public at to all the good things tentacles do because at this point, the use of tentacles leads to agony and ruin. And that’s not even discussing Japan.


Le Chat Noir Cream Cotton Shopping Tote Bag Eco Friendly

Of course, when Poinsettia goes back to school, she’ll need a bag to carry her things. Instead of using the boring backpack, she will be hip when she goes to school with this eco-friendly tote. Instead of hauling five hundred pounds of text books, supplies and whatever else crushes a teenager’s spinal column these days, Poinsettia will simply sling it around her shoulder and go. That girl’s a jetsetter.

Weird Scenes will make you just as hip. Go over to their Etsy page. Friend them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. When you’re done shopping for September, come back next week and we’ll have another Tuesday uEtsy for you.

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