We sCare.

Considering that 20% of American’s juvenile population was found to be living in poverty (according to a 2009 study), the announcement of the sCare Foundation comes at a much needed time.

“[Malek] Akkad is excited to announce the launch of the sCare (Suspense Community Allocating Relief and Empowerment) Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating the hardships of poverty and homelessness facing today’s youth throughout Northern America.”

Malek Akkad, producer of the Halloween franchise for the last fifteen years. Considering that the movie Halloween arguably established the teenage-slasher genre/precedent that continues to this day, a devout filmmaker of the brand would be appropriate to start up a charity that helps the poor and struggling youth.

The newly formed foundation sent out a press release. It’s quoted that sCare “plans to partner with national youth non-profit organizations to provide financial support to their existing youth programs and to arrange special sCare activities for the children, such as set visits to suspense films, movie screenings, video contests, celebrity meet-and-greets, and more.”  

Y’know, this seems good. If this organization gets more kids involved in filmmaking and provides the tools to underpriveledged kids to creatively express themselves, hell. That’s awesome.

“Recognizing that most suspense fans are creative and technologically savvy, sCare hopes to nurture those interests by getting the fans involved in contests to create videos and graphic t-shirts, and in expanding sCare’s presence online, at horror conventions, and in the philanthropic world. sCare wholeheartedly believes that the suspense genre demographic is an untapped resource of unlimited potential in giving and changing our global community.”

I need to figure out if there are other horror-based charities. I know the video gamer ‘community’ has a couple of charities. If the horror culture can offer a helping hand, albeit bloody, gloved or clawed one, then why not?

To learn more about sCare Foundation, please visit: http://www.sCareFoundation.org


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