Psyched by the R/C Witch

You know that would really be cool at a haunted hayride? Rounding a corner and hearing a witch laughing from above (thanks to a speaker hidden in the trees), with a witch flying on her broomstick appearing in the sky. Sound impossible? It’s not, thanks to flying radio controlled planes designed to look like a witch. Our first example is a video showing such a plane purchased from, as uploaded by capjlp:

Alternately, there’s a custom version that’s flown by Youtube user worrdabd:

Just keep in mind to check with your local government about air regulations before flying your R/C witch, as they can apply to radio controlled aircrafts. Checking a magazine like Fly RC can also be of use.

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  1. […] you need is for the drone to malfunction and crash onto someone. The air regulations I mentioned the last time I pitched something like this could also be a factor. But I do hope someone figures out how to make this a reality. The effect is […]

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