2011: End of the Year – THE NEW BREED


The Year 2011 brought us a wide collection of great music from many genres of horror music. It would be pretentious of us here at GdL16 to think that we could pick THE BEST ALBUM OF 2011. And as science has proved, lists are for suckers and shitty music blogs. Since we’re a bettter-than-shitty horror blog, here are FIFTY RELEASES OF 2011 for you to check out. These are in no particular order of importance. Each of them deserves your attention as much as the other. To make it a challenge, we’ll sum up the album in 31 (20+11=31) words.


Go!Tsunami, New Wave Order
If this megaton music from the surf powerhouse is what everyone hears while drowning, then there really is no sensible reason to wait thirty minutes after eating before we go swimming.



Messer Chups, Bermuda 66
The latest release from this Russian duo prompted archeology researchers to locate their American counterparts, only to discover too late that Bermuda 66 did indeed prove the band’s ancient extraterrestrial origin.



The Coffin Daggers, Monsters From The Id
The second full-length from the surf maestros provides that nothing is scarier than the contents of the human brain, so listen to this in order to drive you completely, blissfully mad.



The Vivisectors, Happy Halloween
Clinical studies conducted on this holiday release from the Russian instrumentalists have revealed that it has been known to give individuals, among other things, fatal vivid nightmares after a single listening.



The Mullet Monter Mafia, Dogs Of The Seas
Branded a heretic, he was unrepentant, crying out “The Cradle of Civilization is Brazil!” right before being put to death, knowing that this record would come along to prove him right.



Los Plantronics, Voodoo Soup
You don’t want to know the secret ingredient, even though the mix is compelling and the taste will leave you obsessed and questioning how you ever got along without it before.



Duane Eddy, Road Trip
This year held a homecoming for one of the old masters, returning to the masses to rise above and show the devout and the uninitiated just exactly how it is done.



The Razorblades, Gimmie Some Noise!
An attempt to conduct a demolition derby/off road buggy race/beach barbeque like a symphonic orchestra took place this year, leaving multiple wounded, no reported casualties and one magnificent soundtrack.



The TomorrowMen, It’s About Time
This record was sent back in time with the intention of arriving to save us all from our own devices and whether or not it was successful remains to be seen.



The Shockwave, Death Race
The conundrum was discovered shortly after it was started, leaving the initial participants facing their doom as the message broadcasted reported “The faster you go, the more you can’t avoid it.”

If we’ve missed out on your favorite album, you have 31 words to sum it up in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we’ll pick the best one out and send you something.

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