Free RPG Day Is Coming!

That’s right, Free RPG Day is just around the corner. The 6th annual installment is scheduled for June 16 and we highly recommend that you consider getting involved, whether you’re already a gamer or are interested in just trying things out to see if gaming would be your thing. There’s plenty of stuff to appeal to fans of all things science fiction and horror (and even steampunk).

If you’re already into RPGs, then the following piece of news from the official Free RPG Day Facebook page should really motivate you into visiting your local game store:

“Just got the word from Troll Lord Games that their Castles & Crusades module for FRD 2012 will be EXCLUSIVE to the event…only at a participating FLGS! Not sold after the event…not sold in PDF…ever (or so they say!).”

But don’t forget to visit our site during the big day, as we’ll be offering up a huge selection of free gaming goodies! You can find more information about the big day (and a list of participating retailers) at the official Free RPG Day website.

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