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Tuesday uEtsy

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The Hanging Badger


The Dragon wounds St George – Silhouette Print

Anachronism is a peculiar phenomenon, when naturally occurring. Artificial Anachronism, that faux-nostalgia vibe felt when some 20-something male is out on the street, busking away while dressed up to ape Orville Wright while playing a ukulele and singing a collection of 20’s jitterbug ditties.

That is what scientists have classified as “trying too hard.”

No, natural occurring anachronism is more pleasant. And much more bizarre, because when you come across someone earnestly doing something out-of-time, it’s a jolt. Suddenly, the linear restrictions of fads, tastes and customs are SMACKED around and all you know to be true has been rearranged like a whirling dervish in your sock drawer.

Something similar happened when discovering the work of Jacob Sharpe, an artist and illustrator specializing in vinyl cut relief printing. Similar to the historical woodprint technique of carving an image into a piece of wood, covering it with ink and pressing it against a piece of paper, Mr. Sharpe of The Hanging Badger engages in this practice but through the use of vinyl.

One of the benefits of this is the irregularity of ink and paper. There is no way to make a perfect reproduction. Each print, just by its nature, is different.

“This image was made using vinyl-cut relief printing. I’ve used a water-based black ink on high quality white card. It has been printed by hand and because of this no two prints are ever exactly the same.”

Offered for this spotlight, we have a selection of work from the Hanging Badger. Some of it showcases Mr. Sharpe’s relief work, some of it is machine made. All of it will bring a bit of anachronism to your world, making you take a handful of time with you.

Illustrated Medieval Zombie Booklet – Knight of the Dead

One of the digital printings is a story of an undead knight and a monk, told through reproductions of Sharpe’s vinyl cuts. Gory in a Gorey sense, the images are both captivating and haunting. And since it’s a picture book, it’s perfect for your toddler and preschooler. Highly recommended.

Womens Medium Graphic T-Shirt – Original Portrait Illustration

Though prints are the main course, The Hanging Badger has some other products available, like this original work captivating the likeness of Ella Lanchester, originally done in vinyl-relief cut printing but rendered on 100 % Cotton. Anachronism allows for the blending of technologies, as it’s not meant to dislodge you from time but to mix the two periods together.

Mens Graphic Dark Fantasy T-Shirt – Horror of the Guillotine

Of course, if you don’t want to wear the face of a woman on your chest, you can always don a graphic scene that has a man about to lose eight pounds in two to three seconds. That’s the Robespierre Diet System. It’s quite effective. You shed the pounds and lose all those unwanted cravings. No exercise involved, either, so it’s quite low-intensity – save for, y’know, that one moment when you hear the SWISH. That gets your heart racing.

Silhouette Print – Beowulf Sea Monster

One of the two main stories (that of St. George and the Dragon being the other) is of Beowulf, a tale which lends itself nicely to Mr. Sharpe’s carving tools. Something about the ancient tale makes it perfect to be captured in relief print. This picture of the Sea Monster is one of the many captured on quality card stock, able for faming and display in your home, apartment or cave.

Grendel’s Mother and Beowulf do Battle – Silhouette Print

 You won’t find any CGI Angelina Jolie here. It’s probably for the best.


It’s also for the best that you head over to http://www.thehangingbadger.com as well as the Etsy Store. Purchase, hang, bask in the concept that you’re not so much a traveler but a stalwart of time. Just make sure to return here next week for another Tuesday uEtsy.


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