Fly the flag – the great goods from reached out to us here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 thanks to Weird Jon’s articles about free RPGs. In addition to offering banners, car signs and magnets for cheap, the fine folks over at have used their services to help out the RPG community by offering to print up maps corresponding to certain games.

Back when I used to play, the Mechwarrior miniature game was a fun one that involved the use of a map, divided up into hexagons representing distance that one could cover in a turn and instantly, I saw how a clever dungeon master could easily make use of BannersOnTheCheap. com to create vivid landscapes that can be easily stored, rolled and washed.

But it’s Banners in the title, and being that we have two personalities who frequent the convention circuit, we had Monstermatt Patterson and Dr. Gangrene test out the wares of

First off, let me say that the software over at is very user friendly. I was able to navigate it without a problem, upload my pre-existing image and have the banner all set without any kind of fuss. If I didn’t have an image, their handy editor is there to help you create your own. If you need to create a sign for a birthday, an anniversary or a possible resurrection party and you’re no good at Photoshop, BannersOnTheCheap will help you out.

The prices are incredible, too. Let’s take a look at Dr. Gangrene as he holds up a 2’ x 5’ banner.

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What does the good Doctor has to say about this?

“The banner looks fantastic. It arrived very quickly, and was packed in a sturdy cardboard box. I was surprised to see it was a double sided banner, which is nice. I was a little concerned about my photo, as I had stretched one larger to fill the space, but it held up well. Overall I’d definitely recommend this company and their services!!”

I can say that I’ve had single serving meals cost more than what this two-sided banner cost. You can make out the grommets which make it easier to display. The colors are vivid and as the Doc said, it is shipped in a way to ensure the safety of your order. Speedy, too!

What about our main monster man, Monstermatt Patterson?

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“When I opened the vinyl banner from ,I was very awestruck by the way the colors “popped” and the high quality, overall! I highly recommend them for your banner needs. Thank you, !”

It was with Matt’s order that I discovered the high quality of customer service that you can find at Initially, I submitted an image that was too small for the size of the banner. The banner would look fuzzy, the image pixilated and the overall quality would be damaged. They got in touch with me, gave me time to find a new image that would work and helped me out when I had questions. I didn’t get an automated response and just the fact that they pride quality over all made me glad to know that such companies like exist.

Cheap Signs

Their printing services include Bandit Signs, Photos On Canvas, Car Magnets and, of course, Banners. The prices are incredible and as you can see, the results are amazing. If you want to print out a layout for your next tabletop session, need a sign for your band at the next gig, want to advertise your business with a magnetic sign easily affixed to the side of your car, then go over to You will not be disappointed.

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