Freddy Takes D.C.

…Follies, that is. For those unfamiliar with the program, D.C. Follies was one of two (the other being Sid & Marty Krofft’s Red Eye Express) shows made in the 80’s by the creators of H.R. Pufnstuf that teamed human actors with puppet versions of famous politicians and celebrities. D.C. Follies was arguably the most successful of the pair, having lasted two seasons in syndication. In the following clip, Robert Englund makes an appearance as Freddy Krueger in “Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare: Dan Quayle Elected President” (the fourth episode of the show’s final season):

Many have pointed out that both Krofft shows bear a resemblance to the hit British series Spitting Image. Although the series itself never fully aired in the US, the Kroffts would have (theoretically) had some chances to become aware of it. Cinemax briefly experimented with showing episodes in 1985 and a few specials were shown on NBC (the first of which came out a year before D.C. Follies aired). That said, most Americans are probably familiar with the show due to the music video for Genesis’ “Land of Confusion.”

There were also some VHS releases issued in the 90’s, which I highly recommend tracking down if you get the chance. The show’s portrayal of Vincent Price is not to be missed…

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