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Still More Tricks and Treats

Do you have a welcome mat? By following these instructions, you can turn yours into an “Un-Welcome Mat” for Halloween. Those who want to decorate with stuff that’s more gruesome than cutesy should check out this incredibly easy to make Bloody Dripping Head Sack. Speaking of gruesome, here’s a free printable Halloween mask that is …

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6′+ Episode 77 is Up!

To quote the description given at the new listing: “CREEPSVILLE’13 is out now (www.creepsville13.com) and Strange Jason has worked himself sick in getting it ready (or, that’s what he says. He is sick, though.) That’s not going to stop the celebration of the spooky season as we have music from Doc Horror, The Decomposed, These …

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Nobody Tell Danzig About This Place

My head feels like the skull on the left so I’m going to make this quick. Stopped by a local Mom & Pop party/halloween store and yes – they carry the same crap costumes that Spirit Halloween does. Same racist, sexist garbage. And hey have a box of skulls. So while Spirit is the worst …

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Haunted Attraction Walkthroughs II

Since the response was so positive last year, I’ve gathered up another selection of haunted attraction video tours, both home haunt and professional. I’m afraid there aren’t any hayride videos this time around, but instead there’s several haunted trail videos (and even one for a corn maze) in addition to all of the haunted house …

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The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection

Named for the famous poet, Caedmon Records specialized in spoken word releases for decades. The company is best known to horror fans both for their classic albums featuring Vincent Price and for releasing some of the first commercially available audio versions of stories by H.P. Lovecraft. So when I heard that HarperCollins (who had purchased …

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Getting In The Mood: ‘Songs The Lord Taught Us’

Every day this month, I’m listening to an album to get into the mood for Halloween. Either I’ll pop on something new, or dig up an old one I hadn’t listen to in a while. Today was Songs The Lord Taught Us, because it felt like a day to listen to The Cramps. The Cramps are akin …

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Chilling Ghost Stories

The story behind Chilling Ghost Stories is quite interesting. It begins in the early 70’s, when cousins Barbara Freeman and Connie Regan decided to quit their jobs and make a living from telling stories after receiving much acclaim while telling stories to audiences while working at the same library. Although there was some struggling at …

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I Got The Spirit But Lose The Feeling

(aka Fuck You Spirit Halloween 2013) Happy Halloween Season, ladies and gentlemen and all those in between. There’s a lot of swearing in this one. A month ago, I received a comment on a past article I wrote, which in itself is an odd phenomenon. In a sea full of horror blogs, we’re good but …

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