13 Days: Almost Made It

13 Days


There won’t be an update from me tomorrow. I’ll be travelling, the first of two trips this month. I like visiting other places but the work of getting there drives a slow metaphorical nail into my left temple. Perhaps that’s one of my main issues: I want to be in Prague but I don’t want to fly the ten hours to get there.

It’s funny. It’s going to take more time for me to take a bus to where I’m spending Christmas than it would if I were flying to Prague.

Ultimately, Christmas and the holiday season is exhausting. But despite all the griping I’ve done, I enjoy parts of the season. The lights, the food, the general atmosphere once you take everyone out from the equation. A quiet, dark world lit up by small lights: that’s something I can enjoy.


Moral of the story: you can usually find something positive in the misery about you. If you can’t, hold out because it’s usually gone in a month.

Peace on Earth. Good Will To All.


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