Free RPG Day Is Coming!

Mark your calendars: the 8th annual Free RPG Day will be on June 21st this year! Here’s a taste of some (but not all) of the offerings that should be interest to our readers:

Castles and Crusades
13th Age
The Godsfall
Mage: The Ascension
Dungeon Crawl Classics/Xcrawl
Cosmic Patrol

To learn more information and view a a list of participating retailers, check out the official Free RPG Day website. No game stores in your area? Don’t fret, as we’ll be posting our annual collection of free gaming downloads on the big day as part of our unofficial celebration of the event!

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  1. […] Day and once again we’re doing our own unofficial celebration to the event. If you missed our earlier post highlighting what items will be available this year, you can learn everything you need to know at […]

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