Must Take Test Before Seeing “Dementia 13”

I hope you studied!

Everyone in town is talking about the “D-13” test which the producers of “Dementia 13” require to be taken before you are permitted to see this shocking, horror movie now playing at the Leathbridge Theatre.

Unprecedented in the annals of Hollywood, this is a test to determine the ability of the individual to withstand the shock and if it proven that the person’s emotional stability is below par, it is recommended, for his own protection, that he not see this picture.

The test was prepared by William J. Bryan, M.D., of Los Angeles, the first medical doctor to specialize in the full-time practice of medical hypnosis.

Dr. Bryan explains, “Certain people are adversely affected by violent motion pictures. My test will determine their ability to withstand shock. Those unable to pass this test, for their own protection, will be asked to leave the theatre.

Starring William Campbell, Luana Anders, Bart Patton and Mary Mitchel, “Dementia 13” was produced by Roger Corman while it was written and directed by Francis Coppola.

Although the cast and production team is mainly American, the film wa shot in Ireland in order that the ultimate mood and effects could be achieved. In fact the cast and crew lived in a small village by the quaint name of Newtownmountkennedy. The exteriors are filmed in various places around the Irish countryside including famous Howth Castle, while interiors were shot at the Ardmore Studios in Bray near Dublin.

“Dementia 13” is a Filmgroup Production for American International release.

[This post is based around one of many prepared articles included in the pressbook for Dementia 13. With the exception of adding a theater name in order to mimic how this would have looked in an old newspaper, the article has been unchanged. To see more (including the “D-13” test), head on over to Zombos’ Closet of Horrors. Despite the gimmicky nature of the “D-13” test, Dr. William J. Bryan was not a fake name cooked up for publicity; he was a real doctor and even appeared in the original prologue for the film. Said prologue is currently missing, as it was either removed for TV showings or by theater owners who didn’t like the idea of potentially turning away customers after the film’s initial run finished. However some footage from it can be seen in this trailer.]

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    I wish horror movies still had gimmicks. Maybe they’d do better in the theatre.

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