SJTV: The Results

After closing the poll yesterday (thanks to those who voted) we ended up with a clear winner for this inaugural edition of SJTV: 


Yep, I will do my darndest to offer something new to say about the old HBO horror anthology, as it was the clear winner. But before we dive headfirst into the Nostalgia, I have to explain that we’ll be doing Season 2 of Tales From The Crypt, since there’s seven seasons to it. We’re not starting with Season One because the Nerdist recently ran an excellent EnCRYPTed series, detailing the first season (and I’m not competing with the Nerdist here – Blue Ocean Strategy, yo.) Season 2 has the most episodes (18) which means this could go as long as four months or, if I double up, I could knock this out by Thanksgiving.

First installment starts up at 9/16 when we talk “DEAD RIGHT,” where a Star Trek admiral, George Bluth and the former Mrs. Ashton Kutcher decided to play “Fuck/Marry/Kill.”

P.S. If I got time, I’ll do a quick recap on the episodes of 6ftplus. So be sure to subscribe on iTunes or wherever.




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