Creepsville ’13

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Strange Jason isn’t one to self-promote. That’s why he didn’t make a big deal about Creepsville ’13 here when said album was released last year. As noted in the original press release, the album was created as a tribute to the influential band Forbidden Dimension to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Started in 1988 by Jackson Phibes, Forbidden Dimension has championed both the horror-monster mentality as well as the independent spirit that has propelled the band, still active, through a quarter-of-a-century. Over the course of five CDs, numerous singles, and side projects, Forbidden Dimension have garnered a world-wide cult following for his scary blend of garage rock, punk, and metal with science fictional, ghoulish story telling. Twenty-five years after the initial Into The Forbidden Dimension release, Creepsville ’13 aims to honor and celebrate the band’s life and accomplishments. With themes ranging from 50’s drive-in sci-fi movies to the cannibal hillbillies living up in the mountains, Forbidden Dimension’s music is the perfect soundtrack for all creeps, ghouls and Tor Johnson enthusiasts.

Taking its name from Creepsville ’99, Forbidden Dimension’s sophomore release, Creepsville ’13 brings together bands from around the world, all who were influenced by Forbidden Dimension’s music. On this compilation, you’ll find: fellow Calgary rockers like CRIPPLE CREEK FAIRIES, EXPLODING PIGS and THE BROWNS; gothic rock juggernauts THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB; blood-and-bluegrass maestro BOB KEELAGHAN from the AGNOSTIC MOUNTAIN GOSPEL CHOIR; the king of horror radio, TOMB DRAGOMIR; surf daddys SKURKARNA and THE DEAD BEAT; Nashville monsters THE CREEPING CRUDS WITH DEAD DICK HAMMER; Northeastern garage creatures THE QUASI-MEN and THE EVIL STREAKS; JIMMY PSYCHO of industrial-horror-punk vanguards PSYCHO CHARGER; grindcore noise felons BREATHE KNIVES; lo-fi hero GHOSTS RUN WILD; Saskatoon scum-rockers SAVAGE HENRY AND THE INFAMOUS ONE POUNDERS and THE GREAT SHAKIN’ FEVERS; and the next generation of independent creeps, SOLID SILVER and MUMMULA.

The full digital album only costs $9.00 and paying a mere $1 more gets you both a physical CD and instant digital download of the album. In fact, we’re so confident you’ll like it that we’ve made a free streaming version available!

Are you one of the people who funded the potato salad guy’s Kickstarter because he wasn’t just another company looking to save a few bucks? Strange Jason payed for this entirely out of pocket without any crowdfunding. Not only that, but the profits are going to a good cause: The Calgary Humane Society. I think that’s more than enough reason to pick up a copy for your next Halloween bash.

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