How To Make A Freddy Krueger Glove

Getting your hands on a good quality Freddy Krueger glove can be expensive, especially if you can’t find one in your area and have to order it online instead. The poor quality of the lower priced unlicensed versions is also less than attractive. Thankfully you can easily make one of your very own for next to nothing! Both epicfantasy and Halloween All Year Round!!! have tutorial videos and you can combine what you learn from each video to make something truly special:

I personally recommend ignoring the second video’s advice on using metal blades. Painted cardboard is safer, cheaper and easier to work with. This advice especially holds true if you are planning on using the glove in a haunted attraction. You can find the template mentioned in the first video right here. But even when you use cardboard, you have to keep the blades from being too sharp. Getting a piece of pointed cardboard to the eyes is not fun.

Buying a Freddy mask (or Freddy makeup kits) can also be a pain. Thankfully, I saw some helpful makeup tutorials in the “Related Videos” sidebar and just had to share. The first one, which is by Pinkstylist, shows how to make inexpensive-but-effective latex prosthetics while the tutorial by MadeYewLook is a latex-free method using items found in any makeup aisle.

While the first method looks more realistic, the second’s stylized and vaguely airbrushed look is very striking in its own way. If any women out there are planning on wearing one of those goofy “Sexy Freddy” costumes, please use one of these tutorials. Why dress like Freddy if you don’t plan on going for the full effect?

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