Music In Costume: Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space dress up as Alice Cooper

Have you ever shown up to a Halloween party and someone was wearing the same costume as you? It’s a mortifying because it implies a lack of creativity or imagination, nullifying whatever efforts you placed in crafting your disguise.

That’s what it IMPLIES, but that’s crap. If you told twenty people to dress up as a “vampire,” you’d get twenty different bloodsuckers at your party – Nosferatu, Lost Boys, Near Dark, Bela Lugosi, etc.

Last night, I watched STAR WARS UNCUT: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK where a thousand or so Star Wars fans recreated the movie, shot-by-shot, by re-imagining/remaking the movie. And no two were exactly the same. Ultimately, each creative voice is its own deviation and though similar to another, it’s not exactly alike.

This is all just a preamble to another Alice Cooper cover. This time around, it’s Bloodsucking Zombies From Outerspace, who no one would mistake for GWAR, who did a version of “School’s Out” earlier in the month. This time, BZFOS take on the late 80’s Cooper classic “Poison.” The video is as late 80’s/Early 90’s as it GETS. It’s really a good fit for BZFOS, though it’s hard to really top the camp from the original.

Which do you like?


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