Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: The Return


2015 has proven to be quite the year for the world of exotica. Although several great albums have been (or will be) released, I thought it best to save discussion of those for another time. It seemed to be the only appropriate way to handle the matter, given the recent passing of exotica pioneer Robert Drasnin. The only silver lining to this cloud is that Mr. Drasnin’s status as one of the founding fathers of the genre is finally being widely recognized. I would like to dedicate this year’s Freaky Tiki Surf-ari to him.

As you wait for this year’s crop of reviews, please enjoy last year’s complete series:

Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: 6′+ Episode 116 is Up!
Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: The Return
Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Hello Little Olives
Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: The Tsultry Tsounds of Go!Tsunami
Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Creepxotica
Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion

Every year I share a free exotica download and this time I wanted to do something extra special. And what could be more special than both of the Two Zombies Later compilations from Comfort Stand Recordings? There’s even free printable CD covers for those of us who prefer physical copies of our music.

In memory of Robert Drasnin

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