Christmas, Tabonga Style

For the uninitiated, Tabonga (sometimes referred to as “Tabanga” or “Taranga” depending on the source) is the name of the monster in a little movie called From Hell It Came. It’s the story of a tree that walked like a man…and died like a chump. Given how it’s a 50’s monster movie that most people only watch it for laughs, you should not consider that a spoiler.

A person known only as gorillaatlarge1 decided to both celebrate Christmas and pay tribute to the film by modifying a Douglas Fir singing tree into Tabonga:

There’s also a bonus present under the tree for you!

Ace Mask uncovered Tabonga’s surprise appearance in Arson for Hire. This marked the costume’s final onscreen appearance, which you can see below:

Merry Christmas!

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