Wolfmen of Mars- Warped Suburbium


Just in time for the Halloween season, Wolfmen of Mars drop a new E.P.
Warped Suburbium. And let me tell you, this instrumental sonic blast of 6 songs is garunteed to put you in a spooky mood.
This outing for the Wolfmen of Mars feels like Halloween to me. Songs like these could be a score to your favorite creepy horror film.
And that’s not to say the music sounds like generic movie scores, because it is anything but. There are unique sounds being explored here.Wolfmen are the masters of instrumental horror psyche music. Imagine John Carpenter with a few more interesting ideas thrown in.
Over the past few years, WMOM have been building their fanbase and reputation with a steady stream of unique and consistantly awesome releases. Warped Suburbium is definetly a testament to that fact and is quickly becoming my favorite outing by them.
Go download this for “name your price” at Wolfmen of Mars I’m told a physical release will be coming coming soon. And if you want a cool 13×13 print of the wicked album art to frame and put on your wall like I did, you can go straight to the artists’, Mister Reusch, Etsy shop at Mister Reusch
You can also get various editions of physical vinyl copies of their latest full length, “The Witch,The Goat and The Malevolent Spirit”, from Poisoned Mind Records

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