How To Build Haunted House Walls

Okay, so you know how to detail haunted house walls. But such knowledge means absolutely nothing without any walls to detail! So I have combed YouTube for the greatest selection of videos on the subject I could find. Although I tried to cover the greatest variety of walls possible, there is bound to be some repetition of information.

First up is a look at making free standing walls from MonstarCraft Productions:

Next comes a tutorial on walls made using plastic and wood by Sean Stephenson:

Alternately, you could try using the cloth and wood method demonstrated by Hawthorne Manor Haunted House:

Need modular walls for your haunt? Just watch the following videos from AHauntersLife:

Those who want foam board walls should head over to bradsboobarn:

Why not make your walls from free shipping pallets? That’s the method suggested by HalloweenHellmouth:

There’s always the tried and true option of plastic walls, as covered by Jay Rillo:

Finally, let’s look at an overall outdoor haunt setup from Pokoo:

Be sure to check on the building and zoning regulations in your area before constructing anything. There are usually special requirements for haunted houses and haunted attractions, which are sometimes found under categories like “temporary structure” and “special amusement buildings.” You might even need a lawyer for that sort of thing. I can’t say for sure since I’ve never built anything like this and only have the occasional comments from home haunters to go on. Your local fire and/or building departments will also need to inspect everything before people go through.

Gravedigger’s Local 16 is not to be held responsible for the content on or anything that may occur (be it good or bad) as a result of visiting any links on those sites (or constructing a project that’s detailed in a video). Attempt at your own discretion. Nobody here is a lawyer and all legal matters discussed above are done so in the simplest, bare bones way. Consult a lawyer whenever possible.

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