How To Make Fake Crows

I first learned about crow hunting while looking up information about creating crow caws for an upcoming article about making spooky sound effects. More specifically, I learned about it from the suggested videos in the sidebar. Any surprise one may have about people hunting crows for food vanishes upon learning the phrase “eating crow” has nothing to do with how crow meat tastes. But that’s not what’s important here. My discovery of homemade crow decoys is what’s important.

Here’s the easiest and least expensive method, as shared by Joshua Cottam:

It’s worth noting how Jason Wright is presenting the demonstration while Mr. Cottam is holding the camera (and randomly making crow sounds). Although these fake crows might not look like much up close, they do look much better from a distance. This is especially true when you see them at night in dim lighting. This makes them perfect for outdoor displays and haunted attractions. You want to be able to control the situation where visitors can’t get close to the decoys and most indoor setups won’t allow the distance you need.

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