Inexpensive Theremin Substitutes

Ah, the theremin. Its otherworldly electric noises have made their way onto the soundtracks for countless horror and science fiction movies. It even turns its use for anything related to outer space is scientifically accurate! It’s a shame they can be so pricey. Building your own can lessen the expense, but it’s an intimidating task for those who know next to nothing about soldering. Thankfully there are easier and less expensive ways to create your own theremin effects!

You can easily create a theremin of sorts using three AM radios, as demonstrated by Chava Tarin:

You can find more tips on tuning your homemade “theremin” and learn more about the antennae adjustments you have to make in the comments section. Those who wish to avoid that sort of thing can try creating theremin sounds using walkie-talkie feedback using the following video from Gordon Charlton:

So whether you have plans for a custom audio track or just wanted to play around with one, now you have no excuse for not creating theremin music!

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