TGIF13 VIII: Jason’s Unofficial Theme

Everyone knows the “ki ki ki, ma ma ma” theme means Jason Voorhees is up to no good. But what you might not realize is how there’s another musical composition associated with Mr. Voorhees called “Evening of Chaos.” There is no evidence to suggest Kevin MacLeod had the Friday the 13th franchise in mind when he composed the track in 2013. Its download page makes no mention of Jason or anything else related with the series. But given how it is a horror composition available for use under a Creative Commons license, it quickly spread across the internet. The earliest association with a certain hockey mask wearing slasher I could find is a 2014 makeup tutorial by Sarah Logan Kim:

In 2015, the track was used on the Return to Camp Blood fan podcast. In what’s either a coincidence or a direct reference to the use of the track on that podcast, Dread Central used “Evening of Chaos” in two 2016 videos about the Friday the 13th series:

Later that year, the track was used in a machinima fan film by James Hinchliffe:

A quick search will reveal other examples “Evening of Chaos” being used in videos involving Jason. I don’t know if it’s all a big coincidence or if the more recent uses were inspired by Dread Central and Return to Camp Blood, but it looks like the internet has decided on this as an alternate theme for Crystal Lake’s most famous resident. Will it eventually turn up in an official Friday the 13th movie? Will haunters use it for scenes involving Jason? Only time will tell…

UPDATE: Kevin MacLeod got in touch with me and confirmed he did not have Jason Voorhees in mind when he created “Evening of Chaos.” In fact, he’s never seen any of the Friday the 13th films!

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