The Apprehension Engine

Composer Mark Korven was sick of being limited to the same old sounds when he wanted to do something new and fresh with his horror scores. So he got in touch with Tony Duggan-Smith to create a new kind of musical instrument. This instrument would be used to create just the sort of jarring and unnerving effects needed to keep audiences on their toes. It is known only as the Apprehension Engine.

You can hear it in action thanks to the following video from INDIE FILM MAKER:

According to the comments section of the video, the original name for the Apprehension Engine was going to be “The Insanerator!” There’s plenty of details about its construction to be found there as well.

I’m also fond of the following video on the subject from Great Big Story:

It’s popularity has resulted in plans to build more, a live performance and even Apprehension Engine workshops! But even those who aren’t able to build their own can still use what they’ve learned in the videos to create their own sound effects or horror scores. I’m sure you can think of other ideas for similar effects using materials you have easy access to. Striking metal rulers is very easy and those with the proper guitars can use reverb to create scary sounds. The sky’s the limit!

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