TGIF13 IX: Camp Crystal Cake

The Homicidal Homemaker is my kind of online cooking personality. Although there are plenty of cooking shows where they make something spooky in October, her show maintains a horror feel for the whole year. I also love the various little touches she includes, like the creepy props placed around the set. How can you not love a cooking tutorial with a fake puddle of blood in the background? The subject of today’s post not only shows you how to make a Jason Voorhees-inspired treat, but it includes scenes of crew members getting killed as part of a parodic tribute to the Friday the 13th franchise! So let’s watch courtesy of the Homicidal Homemaker’s official YouTube channel:

This just goes to show that the “Crystal Cake” song from Six Foot Plus’ previous tribute to the unluckiest day of the year was more than a one-off joke. Come to think of it, a slice of Camp Crystal Cake would be the perfect choice of dessert after one consumes a Jason Burger…

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