TGIF13 X: Making a Cardboard Hockey Mask

You might have noticed I didn’t title this “TGIF13 X: Make Your Own Cardboard Hockey Mask.” I chose the title I used because the subject of today’s post is not a tutorial. Instead it’s a time lapse video of someone shaping the iconic mask out of cardboard (and packing paper) and painting it. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t possibly use this to make your own, but it’s not going to be as easy as a video where you’re guided through each step of the process. Especially since the complete process took about 20 hours! You can watch a master craftsman in action thanks to MudbrainsTvDIY:

Given the video’s subject matter, it’s surprising that MudbrainsTvDIY chose to score it with Kevin MacLeod’s “Hand Balance Redux” rather than another MacLeod composition that’s commonly associated with Jason Voorhees. But then again I did a Friday the 13th article with “X” in the title and didn’t make it about Jason X, so I really can’t express too much shock.

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