Freaky Food V

If you want to learn how to assemble your own “Hob-Goblin Cake” like the one above (along with some fortune cakes), be sure to check out Volume 21, Issue 10 of Table Talk. Notice how I said “assemble,” as it’s a guide for decorating a molasses fruit loaf to look like the above image. The Dixie Cook-book has a recipe for a “Fruit Loaf Cake” using molasses. But what about the fortune cakes? has the recipe for the “Spiced Chocolate Cookies,” Mrs Mulford’s Cakes reveals how to make “Chestnut Icing” and Circular has the “Maple Icing” recipe! I strong suggest that you skip adding in the optional fortune items in order to reduce the risk of choking. Thankfully, the similarly vintage recipe for “Night-Owl Cakes” from Volume 81, Issue 44 of The Country Gentleman tells you pretty much everything you need to know. However, the more recent Ladies Night: 75 Excuses to Party with Your Girlfriends by Penny Warner returns to the “assemble” method for its “Spider Cupcakes” and “Pumpkin Cake.” Seeing as how one of the ingredients is a Twinkie, I’ll pass on looking up the recipes for each component this time around.

Just when you think you’ve heard of every possible Halloween recipe ever, Karen Jean Matsko Hood’s Halloween Delights Cookbook: A Collection of Halloween Recipes comes along to prove you wrong with “Green Pond Slime” and “Eyes of Newt” (among many others)! Ghoulish Halloween Recipes: Halloween Recipes by T. M. Fuller also offers many recipes including (but not limited to) “Old Fashion Candy Corn Fudge” and “Classic Candy Corn Up-side Down Cake.” Some of the many recipes packed into Annie Rigg’s Halloween Treats include “Gingerbread Jack-O’-Lanterns” and “Eyeball Cookies.”

Eyeball cookies and candy corn also describe the next few recipes I have in store for you! 100 Directions has some “Oreo Cookie Eyeballs” POPSUGAR Food’s recipe for last year’s infamous “Candy Corn Pizza” is exactly what you think it is. There are a surprising number of recipes for different types of “Candy Corn Pizza.” Gourmandize’s “Candy Corn Pizza” and Inside BruCrew Life’s “Peanut Butter Candy Corn Pizza” are two different dessert recipes while’s “Candy Corn Pizza” is a special cheese pizza with slices which look like candy corn instead of tasting like it! Those seeking an even more unusual look for their pizza will love Hungry Happenings’ “Stuffed Pizza Skulls.”

But we just can’t stay away from the sweet stuff! The Simple, Sweet Life offers “Braaaaaains (Cupcakes),” Tastes Better From Scratch has “Halloween Graveyard Brownies,” the Halloween Museum has a festive gelatin sculpture and Campfire Marshmallows’ “Ghostbusters Marshmallow Skewers” should please fans of last year’s recipes.

Foodies of FB’s Halloween album and gallery of fan creations don’t link to any recipes, but several of the foods showcased are so simple you don’t need instructions! /but if you want somewhat more complex fare, head on over to Haunted Bay’s Halloween Recipe Database.

As a special bonus, here are generous previews of three cook books with recipes from Vincent Price:

A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price

Cooking Price-Wise: A Culinary Legacy by Vincent Price

Mary and Vincent Price’s Come Into the Kitchen Cook Book by Mary and Vincent Price

They might not be scary or festive, but who cares when it’s from master of the macabre himself? Bon App├ętit!

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