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The Emotional Vampire & Passive Aggressive Werewolf

SMBC Theater have been making tons of hilarious online comedy sketches since 2009. Here are two loosely related ones that I think you will enjoy: Just like the last time I linked to an online sketch comedy troupe, the people behind the above videos have made a feature length motion picture. It’s called Starpocalypse and …

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Doorways To Horror

One of the many short lived crazes of the 1980s was VHS games. The idea was that watching and playing along with a video tape would add a new aspect to board games. Maybe this was an attempt to deal with increased competition from video games or maybe it was just a way to cash …

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John Carpenter’s The Thing: The Musical

Do you like John Carpenter’s The Thing? Do you like Frank Sinatra? Then you’ll love the following parody from Jon and Al Kaplan: If the Kaplans seem familiar to you, it’s because they’re the minds behind those hilarious Arnold Schwarzenegger musicals from a few years back. They are also responsible for stage play Silence! The …

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Zombie Movie Night

Tonight I’m spending the evening at the local drive-in, which is ending Zombie Awareness Month in style with a zombie movie triple feature! They’re playing Blood of the Zombie, Raiders of the Living Dead, and Space Zombie Bingo! back to back to back and it’s looking to be an interesting night. That’s due in part …

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I know I usually summarize the film’s plot before diving into my review, but it seems unnecessary this time given how everyone knows the basic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. So much so that the story’s the original twist ending has become the selling point: that Dr. Jekyll transforms Mr. Hyde due to …

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The Ghost of Slumber Mountain


Jack Holmes decides to entertain his visiting nephews with the story of the time he went to Slumber Mountain with a friend of his. But this was no ordinary camping trip. His friend had noted how an abandoned cabin there once belonged to a hermit named Mad Dick, whose ghost is said to haunt it. …

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Why We Need Another Take on “The Island of Doctor Moreau”

Normally I’m very against the idea of remakes. To me, a remake or a “reimagining” is basically the admission the studio doesn’t have any original ideas and have so faith in the quality of their work that they feel they have to piggyback on an established name in order to generate any interest. But sometimes …

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Even More Links *I* Like

Atop the Fourth Wall – Hilarious reviews of comic books that suck. Pop Music Pop Culture – ‎It’s more quiet than it used to be, but it’s still worth registering for PMPC. If you like bargain bin entertainment, this is the group for you! Video Junkie Strikes Back from Beyond the Grave – William S. …

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How to Make a Scary Wreath

Do you want to have a Scary Christmas this year? Do you want your Christmas display to have something the neighbors will never think of doing? Then Allen Hopps (from the legendary Stiltbeast Studios) has just the project for you: Oh, and did I neglect to mention that he has other videos showing how to …

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In Honor of Godzilla’s Birthday…

let’s pay tribute to the man who played the original incarnation of the Big G: Haruo Nakajima. Granted, he was joined by Katsumi Tezuka for stunt double duties for some of the early films and was mostly replaced in Son of Godzilla (with the exception of the water scenes) by Seiji Onaka and Hiroshi Sekita …

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Costume Crazyness 2013

It’s time for another collection of goofy costumes and things just wouldn’t be the same without the usual crop of Scream stuff. I don’t get why somebody decided to make skeleton and pirate versions of Ghostface. Was this due to an overstock of Scream masks and various costumes? I’m tempted to say “Yes,” but that …

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The House of Seven Corpses

A film crew shooting a low budget movie at a mansion with a history of violent deaths happening in it. With tensions already on the rise due to shooting woes and an overbearing director, things only get worse when mysterious happenings start complicating matters. Could the use of an authentic occult ritual in part of …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Crafts and Cocktails

Back in 2011, the Curiosity Group’s monthly papercraft calendar for May was a Tiki idol. If you can’t find it, you can always try politely emailing them to see if they’ll send it to you. Maui Tiki Tours has a great tutorial on how to build your own Tiki Halloween costume. Tiki idols always look …

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Beware…The Pike!

1982 was a very busy year for bouncer turned stock music composer turned author Cliff Twemlow. His autobiography The Tuxedo Warrior had been adapted into a feature film (which Twemlow also had a small onscreen role in) and his entry into the killer animal genre that was so popular in the UK, The Pike had …

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The Master Mystery

International Patents, Inc. has a pretty good racket going: They buy up the patents from unwary inventors and suppress them. That way, any new inventions that could potentially render products patented by their client corporations obsolete never make it to the market. Naturally, thus makes for a lot of angry inventors and the empty promises …

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The Avenging Conscience

Ever since the day of his birth, the nephew and his uncle have been inseparable. When the boy grows, the two even go into business together. But then the nephew had to go and fall in love. However the uncle fears that his nephew’s spending all his time with his girlfriend will ruin their plans …

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