Strange Jason

Out of the two co-founders of Gravediggers Local 16, Strange Jason is certainly the one who is named Jason.

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Creepy and Weird

Deadbolt Shrunken Head, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tiki Man, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tijuana Hit Squad, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1996 Zulu Death Mask, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1998 Voodoo Trucker, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1999 Hobo Babylon, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2002 Haight Street Hippie Massacre: The Best of Deadbolt, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2003 I Should Have Killed You, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2005 High recommendation. …

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Hang Ten Years – The Ghastly Ones

The Ghastly Ones A-Haunting We’ll Go-Go, Zombie A Go-Go Records 1998 Glows In The Dark All-Plastic Assembly Kit, Ghastly Plastics 2005 Target: Draculon, Ghastly Plastics 2006 Unearthed , Ghastly Plastics 2007 If I’m to kick off a thirty-one day write-up of all the spooky music I like, it’s only fitting I start with The …

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If you want a job with guaranteed stability, learn to dig graves.

Treadin’ a little on Weird Jon’s territory here, but for the last few weeks, I’ve been heading to Attack of the B-Movies at the local affiliate. I missed out on some of the better films, picking it up around ‘The Wasp Woman’/’The Phantom from 1000 Leagues.’ Planning a daily write-up for here so far once …

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Happy Halloween

Not into September and there’s already a palpable spirit to the Halloween season. There’s something noticeable about this year, though. Even though it was 82 degrees out, there was still that fall chill in the morning. It’s easy to get excited about Halloween but just easy to burn out. For the last two years, I’ve …

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