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Nobody Tell Danzig About This Place

My head feels like the skull on the left so I’m going to make this quick. Stopped by a local Mom & Pop party/halloween store and yes – they carry the same crap costumes that Spirit Halloween does. Same racist, sexist garbage. And hey have a box of skulls. So while Spirit is the worst …

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Super Moon

Sigh…it’s late and the article I’m working on is just not coming out the way it should. Maybe I should just put it aside and bust out some “Super Moon” pictures. Not of the most recent one that was apparently the largest and closest one this year, but the one that was hyped before that. …

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And here, I just changed my diet.

Got to cut out the fried food, y’know?      

ORANGEgeddon / PUMPocalypse

Maybe you’ve seen this in your part of the world, but there are reports of a pumpkin shortage here in the US. After a summer with heavy rains and turbulent winter, the crops have been either rotted out by disease or washed away by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. Depending where you go, you …

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Halloween 2011 Mascot

It’s Friday and things are winding down for the weekend. So here is the Mascot for Halloween 2011: TALLULAH   TALLULAH’s color scheme and general attitude makes her the perfect mascot for this Halloween season. If you have any contenders to the throne, post links in the comments or over at our Facebook page.

Strange Trip: About Town

My plans have deviated. Instead of having a snarky, stream of consciousness review of Critters 2 up today, I’ve decided to take a short trip of my own. I’ve moved recently, leaving Crown Street Cemetery and the rest of New Haven behind. I’m currently situated in Northern Brooklyn until I find a permanent arrangement. Halloween, …

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Had a wife. Couldn’t feed her.

When I think to myself “I better go down to the basement. I have two that I need to take the knives to, today,” I realize it’s thoughts like those are why I wouldn’t be a good schoolteacher, but a great one.

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The Trail of Terror

Photos by¬†Jonathan Matthews, jon (at) Located in Wallingford, Connecticut, The Trail of Terror ( celebrates its 16th year of operation in 2010. Thankfully, haunt expert Bertram Bertram invited me to come visit and partake of the Trail’s spookiness. This year celebrates ‘Sweet 16,’ marking the anniversary of the Central Valley Hospital massacre that saw …

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Grove Street Cemetery

Look What I Dug Up

Halloween is for the kids.


[This is going to be a long one.] Providence, Rhode Island was and remains the home of H.P. Lovecraft. It was a town I had been to only once before I ventured north to see the Deadbolt show at Club Hell back in May 2010. The last time that Deadbolt came east was a year …

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Hometown Horror

My town of New Haven holds a Grove Street Cemetery, which I wrote about before. The gates beckon that THE DEAD SHALL BE RAISED. While walking there recently, I decided to snap a few pictures. You’ll find that there are a couple plaques on the welcoming lodge up front. New Haven isn’t the most spooky …

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Home Sweet Home

Sometimes, I just love my town. The Grove Street Cemetery has a wonderful entrance, with the words “The Dead Will Be Raised” carved across the gate. It adds a little spooky to the town, which can be kind of a bore.¬† Of course, the locals also contribute. This is a husk of bark that bears …

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