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Stop the Countdown!

Over the past weekend, I walked into a Party City to kill some time and see if there was any creepy-Birthday related supplies as a last minute celebration of a particular bat-winged DJ I know. And, despite it not even being August, there was a section that had been cleared out, plastered with orange wallpaper …

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Mangled Leftovers: The Mangled Dead’s 2013 Halloween Set

One of my current favorite bands is The Mangled Dead. I really like their lo-fi attitude to horror punk. They’re one of those bands full of musicians who, if they were to forgo the horror business and write more mainstream songs, I could easily see playing with any of the garage revivalists or fuzz-rockers. I …

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Haunted Attraction Walkthroughs II

Since the response was so positive last year, I’ve gathered up another selection of haunted attraction video tours, both home haunt and professional. I’m afraid there aren’t any hayride videos this time around, but instead there’s several haunted trail videos (and even one for a corn maze) in addition to all of the haunted house …

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Halloween R.I.P.

For the second year in a row, Halloween has been slain (or postponed) due to bad weather in the Northeast. Sure, it’s only the 29th here, but where I am, we’ve got about seventy-two hours of doing absolutely NOTHING until this Hurricane passes by. With trick-or-treating being likely rescheduled for this Saturday, it might be …

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Guest Post: Having a Hi-Tech Halloween

[We are proud to present a guest post by Whitney Adams, staff writer for and] Halloween is full of ghost stories, candy, costumes, and decorations. Some people celebrate Halloween by simply changing a light bulb to shine down on a bowl of candy, others go all out. There is no reason why you can’t …

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Operation Spirit (aka Fuck You, Spirit Halloween)

Sometime last week, I wrote a diatribe about Spirit Halloween. There are many reasons for me to hate Spirit Halloween, the second of the most grievous offenses being the overpriced line of stupid, racist, and sexist costumes. The hate-fueled rant included a lot of obscenities, since the title ‘Fuck You, Spirit Halloween’ set the tone. …

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New Wave Halloween

I was listening to spooky music long before I started up 6ftplus, the podcast of spooky music and more. Specifically, I tried going an entire October in 2006 with listening to nothing but horror-themed music. It didn’t work; I had to get some non-horror music into my system after three weeks because my tolerance was …

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Haunted Attraction Walkthroughs

In the late 90’s, the only way to get a feel for what a haunted attraction was like was to either sort through photo galleries online or to read lengthy written descriptions with pictures. But as streaming video technology got better and the price of digital cameras went down as time went on, filmed tours …

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Thinking about Halloween 2012

It’s two days before October when I write this. Tonight, I’m headed out to Otto’s Shrunken Head to see the Tombstone Brawlers and hang with the monsters in an event that waves good-bye to September. (The Vibrators are also playing elsewhere but free show+drinks > show w/ticket + drinks in my cash-strapped state.) Come Monday, when …

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R.I.P. (2000-2012)

        In the first time in close to a year, I visited X-Entertainment today to read the sad news that the site has been dead for months now. This is a sad (albeit late) moment. Both Weird Jon and I have been long-time fans of the site (referred to as X-E …

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Happy Halloween!

From all of us here at Gravedigger’s Local 16, we wish you a Happy Halloween.  Be safe, be spooky.


During a the second of two years when I lived at home to attended the local state university, I helped my parents hand out candy by being The Cowardly Vampire. Donning one of the many surplus capes my family kept onhand (the vampire is the easiest costume to make) I handed out candy while doing …

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Costume Crazyness 2010

Back when Weird Jon wrote “Son of Shameless Cross Promotion,” he had no idea that the “Costume Crazyness” series would be dropped from URBMN the very next year due to changes in the site’s format and would be moved to Gravedigger’s Local 16. Neither did I, for that matter, but the site had changed so …

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Happy Halloween

From all of us here at Gravediggers Local 16, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween.

A bit early, but why not?

Though the American Thanksgiving is next month, I would like to take today to thank each and every one of the readers we’ve had in the past year. GdL16 keeps growing and we’re still not sure how this little experiment is going to turn out. Everyone’s continual support here, on the twitter feed and over …

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Had a wife. Couldn’t feed her.

When I think to myself “I better go down to the basement. I have two that I need to take the knives to, today,” I realize it’s thoughts like those are why I wouldn’t be a good schoolteacher, but a great one.

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