Tag: Eric Gustafson

Winter’s Eve

Damn it, not again! Oh well, thank goodness bird poop is white...

Nox Arcana Official Site Winter’s Eve, Monolith Graphics 2009 Winter can be a time of both wonder and woe. While the falling of snow delights many, other look upon it with dread. The gray skies of daytime, coupled with the bare branches of trees looking like grasping hands rising from a grave and longer hours …

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Winter’s Knight

Do my wings look odd to you?

Nox Arcana Official Site Winter’s Knight, Monolith Graphics 2005 Sometimes Christmas music can be creepy. There’s a version of “Carol of the Bells” floating around out there that, thanks to the tone and speed of the children’s chorus singing, always unnerves me a bit every time I hear it. Sensing the connection between Christmas and …

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