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Remakes Are Hell p.2

News Broke Out┬álike a bad case of scabies that the Hellraiser remake is going to go PEE GEE THUR-TEEEN for the reason of “why the fuck not?” It makes sense, since the film industry is still kind of confused as to what to do with itself. Jackass 3D makes 50 million in a weekend and …

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Seems that while listening to the Cramps and reading about Ghoulardi, I took the term ‘Stay Sick’ to heart. So without further delay: sadomasochists from hell Back in the year of our lord nineteen-hundred and eighty seven, back before the accessibility of internet porn and MySpace, you had to go to Morocco to get your …

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Remakes Are Hell

Horror remakes are always interesting and controversial: interesting, because it’s always good to see the old nightmares get new blood; controversial because the movies often trample over the established cannon for the sake of ‘modernizing’ and ‘revamping.’ Often when changes are made to the appearance of the central antagonist, they’re small and more subtle. ┬áMichael …

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Make Your Own Lament Configuration

Want a “Hellraiser puzzlebox” without having to spend a fortune? Just follow the instructions here and you’ll be all set!

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