Tag: It Came From Amazon

Oct 09 2017

It Came from Amazon IX

Why is a Lego Minifigure version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde called “Mr. Good and Evil?” Were they afraid people would get confused and expect two separate figures? Speaking of questions about Lego Minifigures, is “Horror Rocker” an excuse to depict the coolness of Frankenstein’s monster playing the guitar or is it a secret …

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Oct 16 2016

It Came From Amazon VIII

Diamond Select has finally addressed your pressing need for Creature from the Black Lagoon ice cubes. Something tells me this VHS release of the second “Blind Dead” movie got very popular after the release of a certain 1981 horror movie starring Bruce Campbell. For the record, this film was using the term “Evil Dead” in …

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Oct 19 2015

It Came From Amazon VII

There now exists a book full of VHS box art for cult films and I have never been more excited. The gimmick of making it the size of an old VHS case is nice and all, but I really want a coffee table book version. If that first entry makes little sense to you, I …

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Oct 14 2014

It Came From Amazon VI

After going over some previous installments of this series, I was inspired to try making a list of all the Goosebumps imitators out there: Gooflumps Spine Chillers Bone Chillers Deadtime Stories Shivers Spinetinglers Spooksville Strange Matter Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear That’s right, not even George Lucas could pass up cashing in on the Goosebumps …

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Oct 15 2013

It Came From Amazon V

Because when I’m looking for a spooky sound effects CD, I look for one that tries to cash in on the popularity of Lady Gaga. Oh yeah, that won’t be incredibly dated years from now… While we’re on the subject of sound effects CDs, here’s one that seems hellbent on provoking the legal team of …

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Oct 06 2012

It Came from Amazon IV

Oh no, the design on these balloons have nothing to do with the Scream franchise. Any similarities are purely coincidental. Yeah, that’s the ticket… It’s official: Vincent Price hates furries. There was actually a novelization of Liquid Sky. Words fail me. This makes complete sense. Because when I hear “Peter Benchley’s classic tale of underwater …

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Oct 07 2011

It Came from Amazon III

Before we begin, I want to make a comment about my last installment in this series. Remember my joking about Jaws in Japan being a lawsuit waiting to happen? Well, it looks like I wasn’t too far off, as clicking the link I gave for it now gives you a retitled version called Psycho Shark. …

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Oct 18 2010

It Came from Amazon II

Keep Watching the Skies! American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties has an amazingly awesome cover. Can you name all of the characters depicted on it? The cover of the Goodtimes home video DVD release of King Kong vs. Godzilla always makes me snicker. Why? Because they used images from a more modern Godzilla movie …

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