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Full Moon’s Grindhouse Collection

Inspector Gadget Goes Nutzoid

Full Moon has seen fit to release ten titles from Charles Band’s early days: Auditions, The Best of Sex and Violence, Dreamaniac, Famous T&A, Filmgore, Mutant Hunt, Necropolis, Savage Island, White Slave and Zombiethon. The reason why this collection of both theatrical and direct-to-video release is labeled “Grindhouse” will be revealed later, but first here’s …

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Is this the end of civilization as we know it?

MGM/Comcast’s “Impact” OnDemand channel is now offering the 1986 post-apocalyptic trash classic Robot Holocaust for free. Yes, as in the one that appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Although the film’s print is very good and has all the footage that was cut from the MST3K version, those who remember Wizard Video’s claim that it …

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