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In Tribute: Lux Interior

Lux Interior (aka Erick Lee Purkhiser) died five years ago today. A lot more will be written by those who knew him, who saw him perform, those who had a personal connection with the man and his band’s music. Since I’m a gravedigger, I usually find out about things after they’re dead, so I have no “The …

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And now…The Cramps

Lux Interior (aka Erick Lee Purkhiser) was born on October 21st. I think we need a holiday for that. Dia del Lux. It’s fitting that he was born in the middle of the Halloween season. I recently was at a shindig where ‘Songs The Lord Taught Us’ was put on from start to finish. A chance …

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There aren’t many albums that I listen to from start to finish on my first play. I usually stop, do something completely unrelated to the music at hand and, when a significant amount of time has passed, I come back to finish the album, usually restarting it. Or, worse, the music is so bad that …

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After Dark

The Cramps If the new internet-based society has done anything right, it’s increased the access to knowledge, perhaps to the a fault; instead of having a bereft of knowledge, the isolated youth in the far corners of the country, nay world, might have too much. Instead of starving, they’re overwhelmed. “A cornucopia of sex and …

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