Graphic Displays of Halloween

For my debut at Gravediggers Local 16, I wanted to post something Canadian.  After all, I am from the land of the Wendigo and poorly-produced shows about the Wendigo.  Today I’m linking to something far more evil: POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

Yeah, I know, I hate when people post things like “the impending global recession is far scarier than a werewolf.”  I should punch myself.

This story, taken from a CBC Vancouver news broadcast a year ago, concerns fashion store Mintage’s “controversial” window display, with mannequins either in bondage or dismembered:

I must say I am offended at the window display…for being so boring.  Mannequins do not make for exciting window displays, I don’t care how they’re dressed up.

The YouTube description mentions a “Dead Baby,” which is not in evidence here.  This is more offensive than the Halloween display, not that I know what a mannequin with taped-up nipples and a gas mask is supposed to represent.

Here is a more recent story from CBC Vancouver about age-inappropriate costumes.  There is video from the website, which the CBCtv YouTube channel duplicates for some reason.

There is an instance in the story where the “Ladybug” costume is shown:

That’s some “ladybug.”  The butterfly wings and the half-assed placement of dots on the costume just kill me.

More fun is had when the camera turns to Donna Dobo, the owner of Just Imagine Fun Clothing and the focal point of this news item.  I can’t vouch for how responsible she is running her business, although she did take this down for being too racy.

I do question the zebra-stripe shawl she’s wearing:

I just can’t see that being part of a pimp, errr, “big daddy” costume.  At least she’s not wearing a wide-brimmed hat or holding a diamond-tipped cane.

To round out this first post, here’s an article from the Truro Daily News about popular Halloween costumes.  Thanks to The Tudors, which the Daily News misidentifies, King Henry VIII costumes are big this year.  As if Halloween needs more pimps, errr, “big daddies.”

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