The Ghoulies are good enough


[This is where I’d put a publicity picture of W.A.S.P’s Blackie Lawless posing with one of the Ghoulies if I had the time to dig it up.] 

I realized something very interesting about the Ghoulies series while watching the tail end of Ghoulies II on cable: It’s the only horror franchise I can think of where the number of monsters actually decreases with each sequel!

There are multiple versions of certain Ghoulies in the first movie,which gets cut down to just the “main Ghoulies” in the sequel. Well, sort of. All I can say without spoiling anything is to go watch the movie to see what I mean. By the time Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College came around, the cast had been reduced to three Ghoulies. Perhaps this is the reason why said three were larger in that film than they were in the earlier ones. Amazingly, Ghoulies IV didn’t have a single Ghoulie in it! Sure, the film wants you to believe that two “little people” in makeup count as Ghoulies, but it’s wrong. A Ghoulie just isn’t a Ghoulie unless it’s accomplished with puppetry or sto-motion animation. Some might even argue that Ghoulies IV doesn’t count as a real movie since it’s just a handful of new scenes wrapped around stock footage from the first movie and 976-EVIL II. It’s a damn shame, as even murderous hellbeasts deserve better than that.

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