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Halloween Scream Concert

Although I ended my contribution to the 2008 Halloween countdown with a cover of a Frank Zappa song, it hadn’t dawned on me how appropriate it was to do so until now. At the time, I just wanted to use it since I’m a Zappa fan and wanted a video that ended with someone saying …

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Happy Halloween

From all of us here at Gravedigger’s Local #16, we wish each and every one of you out there a safe and Happy Halloween.

Stay Tuned! (and Oh Boy! A Bonus, Billy!)

Well, tomorrow is the big day. I imagine that many of you readers will be too busy to read any GdL posts made on Halloween, which is why I’m posting this notice now. I want to stress to you all that Gravedigger’s Local 16 will stay open (and active) after October 31st ends. We won’t …

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Horror Trivia

Some prints of Tombs of the Blind Dead were given a new title card (Revenge of the Planet Ape) and opening narration in an attempt to pass the movie off as a Planet of the Apes-style science fiction film! Not unlike how Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster was initially written as a vehicle for Toho’s …

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DEAD (Milkmen)

Correct me if I’m wrong. Not a lot of songs out there for guys named ‘Jason.’ There was the blow-up in the eighties (there’s like, a MILLION of us just walking around) of the name, but it’s not a name to inspire. You have Jason and the Argonauts, Jason Priestley. But there’s the big one, …

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Attack of the Anime Adaptations

Animation is not always for children, and the two films I’m going to discuss are definite proof of this. The slice of insanity you just witnessed is from an anime called Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned, a Japanese adaptation of Marvel’s Tomb of Dracula comic book. In fact, it was produced as part of the …

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It Came From Wikipedia II

According to this article, Godzilla made a licensed appearance in an audio drama spin-off of the Idol Defense Force Hummingbird OVA series. Color me surprised: Dracula’s Daughter was created as a result of Universal getting the license to adapt Dracula’s Guest. As many of you all know, King Kong Lives was the sequel to the …

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What’s a countdown without a count?

Count von Count, that is. I know these mildly NSFW videos are old news, but I immediately thought of the “censored Count” videos after chancing upon a Sesame Street segment parodying Mad Men (what’s next, a Breaking Bad parody?). According to uploader mrmagoo312, Lemon Demon (aka Neil Cicierega) was responsible for the audio while wattamack4 …

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Doo Wop and Ghoulish Things

Poor weather to be working outside these past few days in this part of the world. In the break rooms of life, it’s good to have something warm to drink, eat and listen to while waiting for the rain to fade. Two releases that seem to work best when the weather isn’t working at all …

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Maximum Carnage

The time was October 2002. Universal Studios Florida had decided to integrate their “Islands of Adventure” into their “Halloween Horror Nights” celebration. Not only that, but the event would be moved to the islands for several years. To play off this, the event’s theme for the year (“Islands of Fear”) was that each island would …

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Witch Dungeon Museum

Kim Catrell?

Location: 16 Lynde Street Salem, MA (Directions) Dates/Times: April – Nov: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Extended in Oct) (Dates/Times and prices subject to change as years go by) Admission: $8 per adult, $6 per child (4-13) and $7 per senior aged 65 or older. Phone: (978) 741-3570 Website: http://www.witchdungeon.com/witchdungeon.html No, this isn’t the similarly-named …

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Dub Like A Zombie

There’s a moment of parity ‘tween us here at the Local and the world of Hip Hop in the movie ‘Scratch,’ a documentary about Turntablism and the rise of such hip hop mad scientists like Q-bert, Kool Herc. DJ Shadow stands in an underground reserve of vinyl stacks, talking about the importance of ‘digging,’ or …

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Links I Like

Interest of fairness, I’m only going to be covering links that I haven’t highlighted on this blog in the past: Teleport City – Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today. I’ve been a fan of this movie/literature/travel review site for the better part of a decade. The reviews, which often mix information about a movie with anecdotes about the …

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In Your Face

Facebook fast becoming the way that old boyfriends and classmates track you down, it might be safe to go back onto MySpace so that you can follow your favorite independent band. Or not. Who cares? Here’s a bunch of bands currently on there who you could easily add if you still had an account.  List …

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News to me

Fearnet is showing the unrated director’s cut of Return of the Living Dead 3 both online and on its cable TV service until November 30, 2009. Why is this a big deal? Back in the days of VHS, there were two versions available: the rated version (R) and the gorier unrated version. However, the DVD …

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All Hail the King

My memory can be as rusty as an old shovelhead sometimes so forgive me if I retread old ground here. Metal. Ah, Metal.  Metal Documentaries have covered why metal is the music most likely to lend itself to darker themes (tuning, the perfect fifth, Black Sabbath etc.) and I encourage you to seek them out …

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