Don’t discount these deals!

GdL favorite Barrett’s Haunted Mansion is once again offering a discount admission coupon on their official website. However, some restrictions apply (see coupon for details).

Visit Borders is the official coupon site of Borders Booksellers. The coupons change regularly, so don’t fret if the coupon you see today doesn’t suit your needs. I was at Borders a few weeks ago and they had some markdowns on many horror DVDs, including Phantasm for $8.99. Slap a coupon on top of that and you’ve got an even better deal!

Speaking of Halloween sales, Amazon has an entire section of their website devoted to their various Halloween promotions.

For any New Englanders reading this, I highly recommend subscribing to the various Newbury Comics online newsletters if you haven’t done so already. Not only will you get a lot of cool news and contests, but they often throw in some handy coupons. Of particular interest is the “20% off any Halloween item” they sent out this week. Well, 20% of any Halloween item that isn’t on sale and isn’t a CD or DVD. See coupon for further details.

Finally, Union Fellow Halloween Forum has an entire folder devoted to various sales, discounts and coupons. Check it out!

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