And here I thought exiting a bathroom with toilet paper on your shoe was embarassing...
There’s nothing quite like reading a good scary story on a cold October night. As a public service to those who have yet to experience this, here are a selection of websites full of great horror stories:

Six Word Tales offers up various tales of terror by Stiles White (of The Ghastly Ones fame), along with some cool artwork.

Readers of last year’s Halloween countdown will remember RavensBlight as a great resource for spooky artwork and papercraft templates. What they might not know is that it also has a great library of scary stories, including some audio book versions.

Joe R. Lansdale, the writer of the story that inspired the movie Bubba Ho-tep, has a rotating selection of his horror stories on his official website (including the previously mentioned story). has an interesting twist on their stories (both scary and humorous): Every story has something to do with a mask. Thankfully, the site doesn’t have as many “possessed mask” stories as one might think.

Here’s something I chanced upon while looking up material for August’s “Free D&D” post: A short Ravenloft-inspired horror story by Ari Marmell called “Before I Wake.”

Finally, WikiSource offers a wide variety of vintage horror classics. Works by Poe, Lovecraft, Stoker and Shelley (and many more) await you if you have the nerve.

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