Tales of Uncialle

Back when I originally started looking for Halloween stuff online, Uncialle’s Halloween Darksite was one of the first few of my discoveries. I was both intrigued and amazed by her instructions on making a homemade pond monster and mummy and faithfully visited the site every month hoping for new prop instructions. But one day, the updates stopped coming. Disappointed, I eventually moved on and mostly forgot about the site.

Years later, I was thrilled to find that Uncialle had merely switched over from Geocities to her own hosted domain rather than abandon the site and that all of the my favorite how-tos were still there.

To celebrate my rediscovery, I thought I’d share Uncialle’s “Tips for Fast Haunting” and some directions on making two fairly easy props with you all. They’re perfect for any “Oh no, Halloween is almost here and I haven’t done anything to prepare” moments you might experience in the week to come. Happy haunting!

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